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Discussion in 'Sales Mastery' started by Carpet-Rx of Louisville, Aug 13, 2014.

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    Someone posted a thread about a month or so ago about scheduling via text messaging. I wanted to do an updated post about this to confirm the change in the way owner/operators are scheduling some of their appointments these days.
    Since Saturday of last week I have scheduled 7 jobs via text message. I'm really loving this way of communication ( only when I am busy working and can't talk ).

    Of course it is always best to answer your phone when the customers call rather than calling them back. So I always answer the phone, even if I can't schedule them right away. Here's what I've been doing, and it's super convenient for both you and your customer:

    Ring Ring. Carpet RX this is Brandon speaking.
    Yes, my name is Barbara I got your number from Mrs Jenkins and I was wanting to schedule an appointment to have my living room and couch cleaned.
    Alrighty Mrs Barbara, no problem. Im actually driving to a job right now. Would you mind texting this same number with your first and last name and address including zip code, and a day and time that's most convenient for you, and when I get to where Im going I can look at my book and confirm that for you? I just don't want to text and drive.
    Oh absolutely, yeah no don't text and drive, just take your time and Ill send you that right now.
    Thanks you so much mrs Barbara. I look forward to seeing you soon.

    Again, I only do this when I am busy and can't schedule them, but I just thought it was an interesting topic and wanted to let the busy owner/operators like myself, know how responsive people actually are to this.
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    I've done that several times.
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    There have been a few times where I have asked a caller to call back and leave their information on voicemail. They were understanding when I would explain why. I should offer the text option next time.
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    that's how I roll

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