New technologies and Shark online entrepreneurs is what has caused the new coupon driven market.

Discussion in 'Sales Mastery' started by Torrey W, Sep 15, 2014.

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    Torrey Whitaker
    I was just thinking today as I was looking for flights to Vegas, "why am I only on coupon/deal sites to find this ticket?"

    I mean seriously, I didn't think to myself that I NEED a discounted flight.

    But it's been pounded and driven into the ground that you should look at this site for that site for the best lowest price compare other rates, almost into a mantra that you're mine automatically goes to.

    Same goes with just about any service anymore especially with the new companies like Angie's List is home advisor competing.

    Just yesterday I saw a new commercial that looked extremely well done by home advisor docking Angie's list for being paid where they are free. And with both companies all they push is top rated service providers. Best deals and discounts.

    This also brings me to another point where I read in an article about a whole new way of marketing that is disguised discounts that really are not a discount at all. I believe it was in restaurants that it was talking about closely with all their new menu styles. People sometimes just want to feel like they got this discount or deal or high-value but they really don't even care or know what to think a price should be.

    How could someone south the mind of a "shopper" that doesn't actually care about price yet they are unconsciously searching for a discount?..
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    Coit has been running "40% off tile and grout cleaning" lately and that has been brought up to me twice upon the phone call and reminded again while looking at the job recently.

    I got both jobs, one of them they didn't even get a 2nd quote from Coit (at least that's what they told me).

    The one where they did get a quote from Coit the lady left their estimate on the kitchen counter and of course I checked it out. It was around $300.00 for just cleaning the showers (maybe an hour of work).

    Coit doesn't do any re-caulking though so she used us (or glass/fixture polishing, grout repairs etc). The job ended up being around $1k. (2 shower re-caulkings, glass polishing, sealing etc.)

    Whenever I see something that marked off I think that they must be ripping me off the rest of the time if they can sell it for that big of a discount and still make money...that or they're going to bait and switch me.

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