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Discussion in 'Developing A Business Plan' started by Ed Valentine, Jun 25, 2015.

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    Aug 30, 2013
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    In the past, I have mentioned that I should write a book about this Industry. I mean having spent 43 years in it, I might just "know or contribute something".

    Any comments I make here could sound negative to a few ,...or,....then again, one could take it as a slap on the face in order to wake up and move themselves in the direction of success (positive) instead of failure (negative)---as a business person.

    I have seen many get training seminars trying to educate and focus on such topics on "How to" take this or that spot out, How to identify fibers, etc..... However, IMHO, I would have a big chapter of my book which would only focus on: "HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS; and, RUN IT LIKE A BUSINESS"

    Honestly, I have witnessed excessive "wishy-washy" can't decide; an increase in orders that are later cancelled due to the fact that they knew 3-4 weeks ago they required it in a few weeks but now needed it tomorrow to do a job; no communication skills or lack of; operators who have been in this business for years and do not know the solution tank from the recovery tank (not kidding); or do not know to clean filters, etc....or, finally, how to get the jobs and how to surround themselves with a few great people who they can rely on!

    Just amazes me only because I thought this Industry would continue to become much greater educated and move forward in a more Professional way.

    Every now and then I will communicate with a "real professional" cleaner who really has it together. They are "real business people first" and a (so called) carpet cleaner second. However, in every case almost without exception, they are all very successful! Hummm. Can anyone guess why?

    Is it because their word means something? Is it because they are very honorable? Or, is it because they have common sense and know how to surround themselves with a few great people with a lot of knowledge?

    Well, I can't write that chapter within this writing because it would probably be as thick as Webster's Dictionary; however, I hope for those reading whom this brief comment may wake up will look at themselves in the mirror, and go in a more positive direction and become a Business person first.

    Best to all;
    Ed Valentine
    cross-American corp.
  2. TheEyeball

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    Jun 24, 2013
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    Ross Trittipo
    The cleaning industry attracts a lot of riff raff because of the low barrier to entry, and if you have a felony or are on any of the various undesirable government registries it's easier to start your own business than it is to get hired as an employee. So the majority of pro cleaners are total freak shows with no business being in business.

    Ed I don't know if you've been to Strategies for Success but it addresses the problem you've highlighted here and was the turning point for me. It's geared towards cleaners and restoration experts who want to know how to run a real business. Bill, Steve and Chuck (and the rest of the Jon-Don family) have taken the best advice and instructions from their own experiences, blended it with classic, proven business and marketing principles, and boiled the whole thing down to a week-long, no B.S. crash course that will whip any serious cleaner into a real business person. In short, SFS is freakin' awesome.

    It made me start asking the right questions. When I started asking those questions, a whole new world opened before me.
  3. Carpet-Rx of Louisville

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    Well said Ed. Ive surrounded myself with a great network of guys with an insane amount of business knowledge that quite obviously works.
    I used to get on here and listen to a bunch of guys talking about books and reading, which sounded sooooo boring, then quickly see what kind of shenanigans other "cleaning guys" we're in to, as this was mindless entertainment for me.
    I now talk to these few people a few times a week, am reading a book a week, and am not only growing in business, but as a person.
    I havent gone to the SFS class @TheEyeball is talking about, but ive heard its life changing. As a matter of fact, theres so much info crammed into five days, people often return for a refresher.
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    Allen Mckinney
    Couldn't agree more. Great post! There are cleaners in my town that have much more experience (Not more than my father) than I do when it comes to cleaning. Hell some of them could probably show me a thing or two. But I always tell myself I am not trying to become the best carpet cleaner in the world...I surround myself with people that I can learn from (Fatcat) and work with guys on our crew that are very skilled when it comes to cleaning. Entrepreneur 1st....carpet cleaner 2nd. If you aren't constantly educating yourself then you should just quit. Even if you are insanely skilled at cleaning carpet, repairing carpet..yada yada yada....it's not going to matter if your business is not ran like a well oiled machine.
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  5. Steve Toburen

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    Sep 4, 2013
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    Thanks, Ross! We've been working with and improving SFS for almost 20 years and people consistently tell me it is a "transformational experience"! HERE is a short orientation video on SFS.


    PS And yes, Ed, I feel your pain. But since I work with many different residential service providers I must say this behavior is not just found in our industry. People's lives in general are more out of control than ever before and it bleeds into their business actions. They need help. We've put more than 3,000 people through SFS and it does feel good to have had a positive impact in their lives.
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    Don't wait any longer. attend that class ASAP it is the best business learning experience you will ever have.
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    Whether you're a carpenter, a carpet cleaner, or a mechanic, just because you're good at what you do doesn't mean you will be a good businessman. Many industries are like this.
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    Wow TheEyeBall I had never really thought about that before - but that makes a lot of sense and is kind of scary in some respects.

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