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Robert Atlas

Entrepreneur, from Phoenix Arizona

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    Phoenix Arizona
    Entrepreneur, Coaching, Carpet repair and Cleaning
    Robert Atlas
    Phoenix carpet repair & cleaning
    I've been married to my beautiful wife Sheryl for 20 years and have two awesome boys Joey and Jon-Jon. We have lived in Arizona for over a decade. We love it—the desert outdoors and the people we've come to know here. Arizona offers me the opportunity to enjoy all my passions: 4-wheeling in my Jeep Wrangler, hunting, fishing, or just hanging out in my backyard by the pool BBQing.
    For the better part of my adult life I have been involved in the carpet cleaning and repair business. I owned my own carpet cleaning business in Las Vegas for 12 years. That experience sharpened my expertise as a carpet repair specialist. When you are responsible for 30+ apartment complexes, you get to see a lot of damaged carpet. I discovered repair techniques that allowed my clients to save money by making repairs instead of spending money they didn't have to replace all their carpet.

    After that experience I had the food fortune to serve as a Christian minister for 15 years. But during that time I still kept my carpet repair business on the side—my skills stayed sharp and I learned more about the business. My true calling is carpet repair and building a business and providing services I’m passionate about. I can honestly call myself an expert in carpet repair, flood extraction, and carpet cleaning.

    Few people know about carpet repair and few companies do it. So I carry the “good word,” so to speak: “Don’t replace it, repair it!”

    I love showing my customers that we can make their carpet look almost like new for a fraction of the cost to replace it. Contact me to find out more.