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    RV Arizona - Consignment Specialist
    August 2013 – Present (5 months)Phoenix, Arizona Area
    RV business has been rebounding over the last few years. I teamed up with the former COO of Beaudry RV to Oversee sales, marketing, service, and admin departments for a small RV dealership.

    Above and beyond carpet and tile cleaning
    January 2009 – April 2011 (2 years 4 months)
    Coming from being a GM in a large RV dealership why the heck would a guy want to go scrub carpets?

    Remember 08-09? Top level jobs were hacked, companies were going belly up, top level exec's were flipping burgers to try to make a check...yeah I was kicked in the nuts to like so many of you.

    So I decided to get into the service business, something I thought would survive through the recession. I knew a buddy who owned a Chem-Dry in Colorado so I called and asked him how he was doing, he was doing well. After a few conversations I decided I would start my own biz.

    I knew I needed a secondary income because I couldn't gamble my family on this taking off right away. So I got a job with Discount Cab driving a cab. So there I was former big GM of Beaudry RV driving a cab...makes your think about your life and what's important.

    I bootstrapped my carpet and tile cleaning business with the $12K left in my depleted 401K off the ground. Using the sales skills I learned in my former career I catapulted my gross sales to $178K my first year in business and over $235K my second year. I sold my company in my third year and know own a clothing store with my wife, am a partner in the now recovering RV industry and also work as a partner at sharing what I know and learning as well from cleaners all over the country. Even though I only spent 2.5 years in the carpet business I really enjoyed it, so much that even though I am not still out cleaning I like to brainstorm with other cleaners on line...makes me still feel apart of the industry.

    General Manager
    Beaudry RV
    November 2006 – January 2008 (1 year 3 months)Phoenix, Arizona Area
    General Manager 2006-2008 Beaudry RV - Phoenix, AZ
    Headed the Phoenix operations of the largest RV dealership in the Southwest – industry leader Beaudry RV, continuously operated since 1972. Assumed responsibility for completing and opening the company’s new $30 million dollar RV facility, increasing the Phoenix location’s sales staff from 17 to 50 trained sales consultants.

    Directed three successful nationally advertised sales events in 2007 involving a total budget of over $450,000. Recruited and selected all leadership staff for the dealership, plus directed sales, service, marketing, customer relations, finance, and inventory. Introduced a comprehensive package of dealership-wide initiatives, including the launch of a Customer Care department, Guest Services, a career development curriculum, leadership surveys, and a high-impact sales team concept that enabled sales managers to provide daily skill-specific small group coaching.

    (Open)1 honor or award
    National Sales Manager
    Beaudry RV
    November 2004 – November 2006 (2 years 1 month)Tucson, Arizona Area
    National Sales Manager 2004-2006 Beaudry RV - Tucson, AZ
    Opened and managed Beaudry Rv’s National Call Center, a highly successful internet and phone lead operation that produced over $2.5 million dollars in gross profits in it’s first year, $5 million in it’s second year, and $6+ million in it’s third year. Provided cross-functional team training, coaching, and mentoring – plus designed and implemented sales plans, phone scripts, and goal setting programs. Worked with the Call Center sales staff to achieve a 60%+ appointment setting rate on inbound phone calls, and expanded the Call Center concept to include the processing of customer calls from throughout North America, Australia, Italy, and the United Kingdom – producing a “units sold” production rate that reached up to 100 units per month.

    Worked with the nationally recognized automotive customer relations management company ProResponse to create a first-of-its-kind CRM program specifically designed for the RV industry. Launched the new CRM model at Beaudry RV that now forms the basis of the ProResponse RV product marketed to dealerships throughout the US.

    (Open)1 honor or award
    Sales Manager
    Beaudry RV
    March 2001 – November 2004 (3 years 9 months)Mesa, Arizona
    Manager, Motorized Sales 2001-2004 Beaudry RV – Mesa, AZ
    Joined the Beaudry RV Mesa dealership in 2003 as a sales consultant, and was promoted to Motorized Sales Manager within six months. Supervised a sales staff of 30 people, doubling the store’s sales production in the first year. Served as the display manager for the Beaudry RV Mesa show team at Family Motor Coach Association and Great North American RV rallies in Redmond, OR, Albuquerque, NM, and Hutchison, KS. Earned certifications in the Country Coach and Monaco RV product, and graduated from the Trevor Business Development Boot Camp for managers in 2003.

    (Open)1 honor or award
    Franchisee/Director of Operations
    BlackJack Pizza
    March 1994 – January 2001 (6 years 11 months)Mesa, Arizona
    Director of Operations/Franchisee 1993-2001 Blackjack Pizza – Phoenix, AZ
    Moved through the ranks of the Colorado-based franchise Blackjack Pizza, starting in 1993 as a delivery driver. Became an Assistant Manager within four months, then General Manager, and later served as Director of Operations for a multi-store expansion project for a Phoenix-area franchisee of the company. Constructed and opened five locations, then purchased an available territory and became a Blackjack Pizza franchisee with two locations in Mesa, Arizona.

    Directed the work of two General Managers, four Assistant Managers, and over 60 employees – producing one million dollars in sales in the first year of the Mesa franchise. Managed an annual marketing budget of $200,000, negotiated with food distributors, managed financial operations, plus hired and trained the staff at both stores.

    Honors & Awards
    Certified Facilitator of Investment in Excellence
    Pacific Insititue of Lou Tice
    April 2005
    Certified in teaching and training the curriculum of Investment in Excellence produce by the Pacific Institute of Tice. Focusing on how the mind works, goal setting, and team building.

    Predix Hiring
    Certified in reading Predix behavior reports to determine applicants ability to perform specific job descriptions.

    Trevor Business Development
    Trevor Schools
    Graduated phone mastery curriculum for phone skills associated with appointment setting and lead generation.


    Next Level Carpet & Tile Cleaning
    3335 E Main St Mesa, AZ 85335
    Tile & Grout Cleaning Mesa - Tile & Grout Cleaning Chandler - Tile & Grout Cleaning Gilbert - Tile & Grout Cleaning Scottsdale